Guitar Rig 7 Pro - How to smooth the MODIFIER > LFO > RANDOM?

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Is there some way the stepped output of the RANDOM LFO can be smoothed? I'm used to seeing a "smooth" modifier in various apps, but not it here. I want to add some chaos that's erratic but not so jagged.

I tried mapping other LFOs to a RANDOM LFO to "mellow" it out some and smooth it so it doesn't suddenly jump to new values — instead blending between them — but that isn't totally successful. I'd like to find an internal solution that doesn't require some additional Ableton device.



  • Eddie_NI
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    No, that is unfortunately not possible, but it's a great idea!

    TORLEY Member Posts: 54 Member

    Thanks for confirming @Eddie_NI — I believe it'd extend the usefulness, especially now GR7 has new emphasis on character effects like the TAPE and NOISE. It'd enable things like a "random auto-pan" which has uneven drift, as well as other irregular and non-repeating events.

    🤞 and big gratitude if you and team can add it in the not-too-distant future. 😊

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