Save sets and patterns in Session String 2

Gian Carlo
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Is it possible to save setts and patterns?



  • Blindeddie
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    save them as what?

  • Gian Carlo
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    Thanks, I mean if I select:

    Sets "Combi 01 140BPM" and then: Pattern "Combi 1 A. 140BPM"

    in edit window I can see the image below.

    Is there a way to save a personal configuration od the "Sets" and "Patterns" and give personal name to this.


  • D.N.
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    I have the same question. If you can't save your own patterns, then the instrument is sort of useless. You can't seem to recall anything you change. Saving a snapshot only saves the sound and mixer settings, it does not save edited patterns.


  • Studio
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    Bump. I'd like to know as well.

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