Anyone know specific part#s or alternates for Komplete Kontroller 4D Encoder Knob?

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4D encoder knob got pulled off my KK M32 and has gone the way of half of my socks (disappeared). It's the "big" knob to the right of the screens.

1 - Has anyone replaced their four dimensional / 4D encoder before?

2 - Is it possible to order the factory-original part?

3 - Or any specific products you could recommend that you know would fit?

4 - Is the stem underneath a "Standard" 6mm shaft? Or does anyone happen to have the specific dimensions?


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    1 - Nope, I keep all my gear protected, away from kids and if I need to transport it I keep the original box so never had this issue before. I am just sllink my 10 year old MK1 keyboard and it still looks brand new, in box.

    2 - You can create a ticket to the support department and find out if they have it as an available spare part, sometimes they do and can sell a spare.

    3 - I'd imagine it is specifically designed for the task but this is also why I own a 3D printer so in a case like this I would simply measure and design a replacement, would be the perfect thing for a 3D printer to whip out.

    4 - No idea, never attempted to pull that encoder off but i'd personally just measure it, tho I assume you do not own a pair of vernier calipers?

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    And here is a link to contact our hardware department:

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