Continuously select and play random samples from harddrive

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I'm exploring the possibility of creating a device that can play random samples from my hard drive. I'd like some basic creative control over these samples when they are loaded (volume, pitch, sample length etc.), and the ability to load and play multiple random samples together if possible. I've searched for tools but there doesn't appear to be anything pre-built out there or the solutions are not quite right for some reason (e.g. ADSR sample player, Ableton/Max for Live). Can this be done in Kontakt, and is there an existing feature or device for it?

The critical feature is the ability to continuously select random samples from my hard drive during use, without pre-loading a selection of files or curating a list. I just need to set the parameters of where the device needs to look for the sample files, and off it goes. I'm not looking for a 'round robin' type device or any device that selects and plays samples from a predefined or preloaded list.

Any help appreciated!

(I made a similar post last week in Reaktor forum and was suggested to also try here)


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    Ah! I didnt realise you could load your own samples - 450 it says. Definatley worth a look. I guess if you can do it in Playbox then it is possible. I have used Playbox and i did enjoy messing with it. I guess the 450 is probably an arbitrary limit due to the interface - although I'm still hungry for a more free form sample selection - without any pre-selection. Definately worth another look - thanks for suggesting that!

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    No idea if it's your solution, it just sounded like what you were describing.

    It's integrated with Komplete Now for a low cost way to test it.

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