My Own Presets Won't Load Moments Later, "Apple Silicon" Error Given

Rob Gray
Rob Gray Member Posts: 53 Member

Quite often when I'm just playing in Komplete Kontrol standalone and save a patch I can't load it back. It will say the usual "Plug-In Preset Could Not Be Loaded, as it may not yet support Apple Silicon." except I saved it and it was modified from a patch that I loaded just fine moments ago. Anybody have any idea why?


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,463 Expert

    What instrument is loaded in KK when you save as an example?

  • Rob Gray
    Rob Gray Member Posts: 53 Member

    I believe it was a Reaktor Ensemble. I was searching the factory tags for something, found the patch "Mantronix", successfully loaded it, made an edit, performed a "Save As" and then tried to load what I created later that day.

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