Bitwig users -- GR7 + Looper Pro export mixdown / layers

Milkman Member Posts: 200 Advisor

FYI - if you are a Bitwig 4 or 5 user and you use GR7 + the new Looper Pro, you should be aware of something:

When you are done with your loop session and want to export a mixdown or individual loop layers from Looper Pro, first you must remember to go to Bitwig settings, behavior, and set "audio preview/import mode" to "play at original speed".

If you DONT change that and leave it on "stretch to fit project tempo", the exported files from Looper Pro will be wrong lengths, sped up, slowed down, etc, as Bitwig tries to calculate tempo and warp. You will have to delete them and re-export - DONT DELETE YOUR ORIGINALS until you test your exported files.

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