GR7 - a big step forward ?

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For me, the answer is quite clear: Yes! I did not want to criticize here once, but put the benefits out. 

The new amps are great. Respond well to the input of the guitar and live from the liveliness of the guitarist. I will replace so some old setups with me by the new amps. 

Now for an accoustic amp - please. 

The display of the signal flow is a great help even in live mode. I can see exactly what I have just switched on / off. 

The looper is back and working as desired. Simple, clear.  

How do you guys get along with the new version?



  • Kymeia
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    I love the side bar, so much easier to visualise and edit the signal flow than in the rack. I suspect it encourage some more creative signal flows and user patches

  • Milkman
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    Ive been using GR since roughly version 3, so I cant say WOW THIS IS A REVOLUTION or anything glib like that, but I do have some (imo) rational feedback.


    For me, the $99 upgrade price was a solid deal. Looper Pro, alone, has great promise and is already a very good looper device, and there are a good number of new devices, effects, & presets included to feel $99 was very fair. We've already tested this on a fender strat, a couple kids training fenders, an electric/acoustic, and some synths. Sounds great, and we can A/B test some of the amp and cabinet modeling between older versions of GR as well as Amplitube, SSL guitar stuff, etc. GR7 is competitive and sounds very sweet, does not have any processing bogdowns (SSL can occasionally bog and need delay comp), gives you great control and over signal path, and generally makes DAW-based guitar and synth playing more enjoyable and expressive.

    Negative(the only I can see right now):

    MIDI-learn needs improvement. No idea why the native right click/context menu "MIDI-learn" does not work, and I think this is a big deal, especially for those of us who are already using this with a footswitch or sustain pedal. This mapping should work effortlessly, like so many other MIDI-learn/map features work in countless other plugins and systems. I dont have an engineer or producer to start/stop for me -- its me! lol so I need that pedal mapping. I found my own workaround(for Bitwig), but I do see others struggling with it. I cant get MIDI learn/map working in Cubase at all, and gave up because Ive mostly given up on Cubase.

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    I admit I was one of the contributors who didn't hold back about my disappointment with the GR6 'upgrade'.

    Part of me still thinks that GR7 ought to have just been GR 6.5. Reasons have been given.

    Moving on then - as there is no point in looking back if there is nothing to gain from doing so (and I chose to bite the bullet on the upgrade).

    I really like GR7.

    Not had enough time to get deep into it, but everything new in GR7 - I really really like.

    For me, the feel of the ICM Amps - and effects - are way better than the competition.

    I know - it is subjective.

    But I play 'better' plugged into GR than any other I've tried (and I have tried a fair few), because I prefer the feel.

    I'm back to using GR7, no others are installed, and none planned to be.

    My favourites *so far* are -

    The new AC Box XV. Love it.

    Is it *exactly* like an AC15? Who knows / who really, truly needs to care!

    It sounds like a cooking Vox, with option for chime and sparkle too, and, importantly reacts like a hot amp.

    The KOLOR Preamp. Wow - my new favourite software 'OD'. Great with the AC Box XV

    The Skreamer Deluxe is a step up, and the IVP Stomp.

    The ambient reverbs and delays were already superb. I can get lost for days. If only I had days... ;)

    Fire Seeker and Chicago I still love those too.

    Plenty more new aspects to get into - Winter is coming. I'll enjoy myself doing so.

    Lastly, but definitely not least-ly .. The Looper. ..

    The Looper. It's what we all wanted to see back, and was one of the big bones of contention.

    It's back. Good. Thanks.

    I do agree 100% with Milkman in post above in that -

    The Midi Learn did seem less intuitive and less reliable/dependable than some of GR's competition in GR6x

    I presume that it hasn't fundamentally changed in GR7 ? Perhaps an area for review.

    I admit Ive not yet re-tried Midi learn in GR7 . Might I have a pleasant surprise?

    GR7 is enough to make me happy with NI, and I was truly unhappy with NI.

    I hope they get good reviews and increased market share off the back of this product, so we can enjoy the potential development that might bring.

  • Wouter De Muynck
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    @Gandi , to answer your question: Yes, IMHO GR7 is a big step forward. I provided my extensive feedback in the following article:

    First of all I am very pleased I can stick to my all-time-favourite bass software and taking into account all the new additions, the looper, etc... 99€ is a valid price for what's being offered. Should a few of these additions been part of GR6.x versions, probably yes, but NI finally gave some insights and had the decency to apologise/share some insights. So, time to move on.

    GR7 was released the 2nd day of my vacation in Italy, as I always bring my toys with me I had a lot of fun messing around with it and my Top 4 for now:

    • Kolor: Damn, this sounds good!
    • Looper Maschine Pro: great new version as long as you configure your MIDI settings right 😁
    • iZotope Maximiser: great addition AND nice to see the collaboration between NI @ iZotope.
    • Side View: works like a charm.

    I also want to mention 7.01 is a stable release. I haven't encountered anything wierd/buggy so far.

    I hope the latest version will make GR relevant again and fingers crossed for future developments. I have some ideas/suggestions 😁

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