Quick question about Kontakt products' instruments.

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Hi Guys,

Tried to find the awnser but I feel like its sometimes taking longer than asking the question.

Is it possible to use for instance a pattern / arpegg / Rhythm of an instrument, lets say Picked Acoustics Guitars, and somehow reroute the patterns to different tracks or instrument? Picture for reference of the patterns.

It would give me a lot of creative ideas!


Jay, The Netherlands


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    it depends on the instrument, some are base on real recorded patterns so there is no midi information there to use, some use midi patterns and they you can usually drag and drop into your daw and use them with other instruments. if you own komplete kontrol too i would highly recommend to use it with the chords and arp featurure. Depending on your daw you can also easily browse the folders of the libraries and see if there is a MIDI Files folder in there. Session horns pro, for example has midi files you can use, but mostly drum libraries have grooves as midi files.

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