GR7 for live operation - requirements

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How do you use GR7 when you play on stage? What do you wish for? (Have fun collecting your wishes)

Starting point: Our band has about 200 songs in its repertoire. For a gig we choose some of them, sort them into sets and within the sets into the desired order. This work must be easy to do, because we often make changes. If we fulfill wishes of the audience, I have a set with basic presets. 

For each preset I want to save some things as a note. E.g. the choice of the pickup, the key, some points I must not forget. I want to be able to see this clearly on stage when I call up the preset. 

On stage I need a clear display of the input and output volume, the name of the current preset, the songs in the setlist in the correct order of the tuner and the looper. Accidental changes to the presets should be prevented. 



  • daverlee
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    I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, I need a new rig kontrol. I'll happily upgrade to GR7 if they support bidirectional midi, and if a midi foot controller exists that supports it. but until then I still use GR5 + RK3 live.

    I think I'm a rare use case, but my setup is powerful. Live, I use a 2-in-1 laptop folded into tablet mode on a music stand. I'd love it if GR was touch screen friendly. Bigger knobs and buttons. I use my laptop for other things, like mixer control and chord charts, and those apps are all optimized for finger use.

  • Gandi
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    Hi @daverlee ,

    Do you have time to make any adjustments in live mode? What do you change then? 

    I'm so under tension on stage that I don't interfere with the setup as much as possible. 😏

  • Wouter De Muynck
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    @daverlee , Rig Kontrol is indeed another discussion, but I'm 99% clear there will never be a new HW version. I purchased all these Rig Kontrol devices in the past, but now I have a very decent tube pre-amp (Noble) connected to a Universal Audio Apollo which is my main audio interface in Guitar Rig. I ase an Airstep Midi controller to control GR7 and this works perfect for me.

    @Gandi , I share your idea on the preset info, that would indeed be helpful. At the moment I use an Excel document with notes per preset to remind me about the order of effect, how the hit the strings, what note to use in f.e. the Beat Masher or Reverse Grain.

    Some other ideas:

    • Redesign the Split Mix into a switchable effect instead of the slider, meaning: You split the signal into one ore more signal lanes which you regroup in the end, but instead of using the slider you select the specific lane you want to use. With the new Signal Flow it would be very clear which lane is active and each lane can be a container with specific effects and settings. This would also make macro assignment a breeze.
    • A collapsed view for the metronome was added to GR7, but more collapsed views would be nice showing only the macro-connected parameters or the tuner, etc...
    • The option to save the BPM per preset would also be nice. Time-based effects stay as they are when you switch presets in stand-alone mode
    • Idem for the Input and Output meters. In that way you can match the instrument to the preset without drastic volume changes.
    • Bi-directional MIDI would be VERY nice, when you switch presets the buttons are automatically in the exact state of the preset. At the moment the leds of MIDI-controllers buttons are not in sync, so I turned them all off to prevent mistakes.
    • Mapping presets to a setlist would also be very nice indeed!

    You got me thinking 😁 I feel some feature requests coming up!



  • Gandi
    Gandi Member Posts: 55 Helper

    @Wouter De Muynck ,

    Your requirement: "The option to save the BPM per preset would also be nice. Time-based effects stay as they are when you switch presets in stand-alone mode"

    Your request is already implemented. For me it works without problems. 🤔

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    Ahaaahhh, I will check in version 7. Thanks @Gandi !👌

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    Hey @Gandi , I checked, but in GR7 the metronome values stay identical when I switch between presets. Macro settings on the other hand can be saved per preset. Grtz, Wouter

  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 351 mod

    @Wouter De Muynck

    You have to set the sync mode on the metronome to "Sound" in order for it to load the values from the presets, as described here in the manual

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    @Eddie_NI , Thanks a lot! RTFM remains a fact! 🙂

  • Crazylynton
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    Sticking with GR5-Pro myself because I have the RK2 (well, two of them) and I also prefer the Lo quality mode to minimise CPU load. Heck GR has been awesome since the very beginning and I kinda wanna upgrade for the sake of NI loyalty but GR5 makes more sense for me.

    During the ******-19 lockdown, I was setting-up this low-power Fusion5 Windows tablet (Z8350 CPU, 4g RAM) and for giggles, I decided to ignore the "minimum PC spec" and installed GR5 and it ran beautifully with my RK2 in Lo quality mode.

    I then decided to try a VST host, Gigperformer....Whoa very nice! One can draw "widgets" of any size and assign them to any GR control.

    Well before I knew it, I had GR5, MIDIGuitar-2 and a bunch of synths running under Gigperformer and just for my own peace of mind, kept everything under 50% CPU load....Rock solid and low latency.

    Life forced me to quit experimenting but I have just now received a N100-based mini-PC (£127) to dedicate to this research. Another comparatively puny machine but much more powerful than my tablet.

    Main point: I am sold on Gigperformer and here I have an industrial (ELO-Touch) touch monitor. I'm thinking that it's gonna work well if I use Gigperformer's widgets to control GR5.

    All the stuff sitting around me but too busy with work and no time to play.



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