Are there any plans for an upright base as stand allone instrument for kontakt?

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Hi folks,

are there any plans to bring out a stand allone instrument for kontakt with a sampled solo upright base? (picked and bowed) I am looking for a good sampled solo base for long time, but I found only one in the Cuba group with its limited options.

I would love to hear, that this in on your to do list for the next release :-)




  • Vagus
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    I'm not sure if there is one for Kontakt, but there is this:

    Virtual Bassist MELLOW | Acoustic Bass Plug-in | UJAM

    Ujam's latest suppport states they see the benefit of NKS, and will be upgrading their instruments where possible - and given their upgrades to Amber, etc, I would expect an NKS Ready Mellow 2 in the near future.

  • JBerry
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    Thanks for the fast reply - this sounds pretty nice to me. Are there any plans from ni to integrate a double base in your library of instruments?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    As far as I know, it is not planned in the near future. It would probably make sense in the Session Bassist series at some point. I forwarded your feature/product request to our Kontakt Instruments team. They said it's a great idea and they will take it in consideration. Thanks for the input.

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