Windows 11 won't recognize the Komplete Kontrol s88 MK2?

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I have a USB-b cable I've been using for years with my m-audio keystation 88, and the one that comes with the s88 is not long enough. So my new keyboard will power on, run through the startup, then a few seconds later usb device is not recognized. I've installed the proper drivers, but nada. Is this the USB cable not working with this model? All of the USB connections are USB 3 or higher on my PC. I've got at least one USB-c as well. Only other thing I can think to try is get a newer usb-b cable. I've tried all of the things that I've found for USBs not being recognized. So what's the issue here? Did I forget something in the installation process? Is there a button or button combo I am supposed to press after it starts up? I'm grasping at straws here.



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    Hi Tyrion101,

    I hade the same problem with my USB keyboard a couple years ago. I went crazy. I used this cable USB-b only with my keyboard and I never thought that this cable could give me issues.

    After a week I tryed the cable of my printer cause it's the same, and there works again.

    Did you try an other cable?

    Did you upgrade your windows 11 from 10?

    Did you install all the drivers for the main board from the original website ? And did you an firmware upgrade?

    Let me know.

    All the best


  • tyrion101
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    I installed all the drivers, the only thing I haven't done is try another cable, which should get here by tomorrow. When I got this original cable I don't think USB 2 was all that common, and this might not also be the proper kind of cable either. Windows 11 is what I have been using all along. This keyboard is brand new as in I just got it this weekend. The weird thing is the old cable still works perfectly fine with the old midi keyboard. Just not this one. I'm feeling like the cable is the issue at this point. If it isn't obvious, at present I don't have another cable to try. The one that came with it is too short by a mile.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Check this article, there are a few other steps to check: My KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboard Does Not Start

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