Komplete can't find library/ loading errors - any solution ?

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I have my Komplete library on an external SSD and every so often I boot up Komplete ( or Kontakt 7 ) without the external SSD loaded ( it occasionally ejects itself due to a hub error). If I quit Komplete with the SSD reconnected I go through the motions of reloading the libraries only to find some samples are still missing. I then have to delete the Komplete db and the Kontakt db and reload. This is kinda tedious and a regular occurrence which interrupts my workflow. A fix from NI is as probably as likely as Aphex playing on Eurovision but just wondering if anyone had any ideas ?


  • DunedinDragon
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    Can't you just go into Native Access and select the libraries that are disconnected and specify the installation path for each library and that should rebuild the links?

  • PBC
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    Thanks Dunedin ,

    Yes that is one solution but when all the libraries are not showing up it's quicker to just delete the db and rebuild it. Kind of pain but I guess there's no way round this problem other than getting a MacBook with an 8GB internal SSD drive.

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