Guitar Rig 7 LE not appearing in Access

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Hi, I received a friendly email informing me that Guitar Rig 7 LE has been added to my account, as a Komplete Audio 6 owner. Nice! The email suggests that I pop over to Native Access and download away. However, this is not possible, as it seems like Native Access didn't get the memo so there is no option to install or update anything.

So I entered the serial number from my account page in the 'register new serial' field, and it happily told me it had registered the product, but there is still nothing to install. I guess the emails went out before the system was quite ready?

Anyone have any tips or other info? I'm guessing the gist is 'wait'...


  • Russellmus
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    Yeah, just wait. Sometimes it can take a day or two :(

  • symetrk
    symetrk Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    edited September 2023

    Thanks... In fact, the issue was that I had the old version of Native Access installed, not the new, improved, whizz-bang, dark version! Silly me, I thought when the old version auto-updated itself and told me 'please wait while we install the latest version' I thought it meant, you know, the Latest Version - not, as was actually the case, the 'latest versio'n of this old, outdated version which we are not supporting or populating with our latest products anymore. The new one is New! And has, helpfully, the same name!

    Also, the reply from support, which was no doubt well-intended but was based on misreading or misunderstanding my question, was not helpful at all - though the input form did ask whether I was using the 'light version' or the 'dark version' of the Native Access app, which seemed odd... so I got to thinking and figured, well, maybe if I reinstall it it will work magically. And it did! Because I do, in fact, now, have the Actual Latest Version!


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