Is Battery 5 coming soon ?

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Should we anticipate a battery 5 launch in the coming months?


  • Matt_NI
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    I don't know everything that's going on and I can't share what is actively coming up but I don't think that is going to be Battery 5. Please don't take my word for it in case it's some sort of secret project 😬

  • HowlingUlf
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    hi ppl! :D

    I just got the summer sale NI Komplete and found Battery 4 in there and it's as lame as I remember it from previous versions of Komplete. I used to love Battery 3 and was terrified when I saw how lambasted the downgraded Battery 4 was. Just about everything got worse??? How could someone possibly release that strange creature? What happened? Was the B3 team fired?

    The only way forward is to take the framework/workflow/experience of Battery 3 and update it and add some 2022 era features and say "Sorry! Battery 4 was a bad idea. Let's move forward" and be done with it. Why? Because B3 still rocks although it's age is really starting to shine throuogh what's left of the lacquer! :)

    Imagine Battery 5 ...

  • ozan
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    Will there at least be an Apple Silicon and VST3 update or is it abandoned


  • Kubrak
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    Should be in few months. My guess is it (AS & VST3) will come with Komplete 14.

  • Nishant
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    You might be interested in the new Tal Drum plugin, which improves on some of the good features in battery 3.

    TAL Software (

  • colystuart
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    what was in battery 3 that can not be done in battery 4?

  • vgbb
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    Battery 4 problems (That I didn't have on Battery 3), my experience (Mojave, Logic Pro X):

    If you have (like in my case, 300k samples) a big sample library and you scan it all, Battery become unusable, really slow, in particular every time you open a new session of battery as VST it takes like 10 seconds to open, also if you already have a session open it takes a lot.

    Never had this problems with Battery3, it was way faster.

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