Expansion Selection does not show up in Kontakt Kontrol

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I must admit I am pretty new to Native Instruments but have downloaded the Komplete Start programme and am trying to get to grips with it.

I have been looking at some videos on how to use Kontakt Kontrol and notice that the Expansion Selection is not showing up there.

I can see Blocks Base, Kinetic Treats, Kontakt, Micro Prism, Play Series Selection, Reaktor, and TRK 01 Bass. But no Expansion Selection which I believe I should be able to see there.

I have gone to Native Access and it shows it has been installed, and I can actually see it in the folder along with all the other programs, but it still will not show up in Kontact Kontrol. I´ve attached a screenshot to show this.

Can anyone, with more knowledge that mine, please let me know how I go about being to use this program in Kontakt Kontrol?

Many thanks


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    to see the samples and loops from expansion selection you have to press the button right to the keyboard 🎹 button, the circle for loops and the waveform for samples. And welcome to the native forum


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