Massive Crashes Ableton 11 if used in different tracks of the project

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If I only use Massive in one track of the project, I can later reopen the project without issues, but the problem is when I use Massive into different tracks. It doesn't matter if I use eco mode in all of these tracks. I can play the tracks but then Ableton crashes after 30sec-1 minute. One would think it is because of not having enough CPU-power, but it is a modern Xeon chip, and I use UA Apollo. Any ideas?


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    This is Massive and not Massive X (or it is Massive X)?

    What is the version of Massive (number, not "latest")?

    What is the specific version of Live 11?

    Is this with VST2 or VST3 instances?

    What are the specs of your system (Windows 10, Xeon (model)?, Ram?, HDD/SSD?, GPU?)

    What are the audio settings (ASIO, Sampletate/Bitdepth)?

    Can you replicate this with a completely new blank project, with massive loaded on 2 tracks and a simple clip for each one. Does it crash in this case? Can you post this test project

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    Hi! It is Massive (not Massive X)

    All latest versions both Massive and Live 11.

    Windows 10, Xeon W-2123 CPU @ 3.60GHz , 16 GB RAM, SDD, 8GB GPU AMD

    I'm using VST3 and ASIO settings (512 buffer)

    I saw where the issue is coming from. There is not enough RAM to load 3 massive plugins just after loading the project. If I delete 2 when it starts loading, I prevent the crash, then if I undo the deleted plugins I can use 3 of them, so it is kind of a peak ram usage when loading Massive.

    The first minute in Ableton after inserting 1 Massive plugin (same results in the Massive standalone app):

    I found the reason, which is the third party libraries (around 3,000 presets). Is there any way to work with these libraries without causing such a peak ram usage when loading Massive?


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