Syncing Kontakt Drums to both Logic Pro X and Maschine MK3 Pads

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Hello everyone,

I've managed to successfully link individual PlaySeries drums to separate tracks on Logic Pro X using the Outputs section of Kontakt 7. But then, since it's Kontakt 7 that's loaded as an instrument in Logic, I can't use my Maschine MK3 to control the pads. If I try to load Kontakt 7 within Maschine instrument in Logic, it doesn't work (only the first pad works, and everything else produces no sound from the pads)... is there a workaround to get each pad on the MK3 to control each individual Kontakt drum assigned to a separate track in my DAW?

Thanks so much



  • LostInFoundation
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    Probably only the first pad is working because in Maschine to play a Play Series drum you must go in keyboard mode. The instrument is loaded on a single pad and you can play the sounds (and the patterns) by using keyboard mode.

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