Outputting Stereo instrument as mono possible?

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I have a number of Kontakt 6 instruments (pianos, organs, guitars, etc...) If the instrument is outputting in stereo, is there a setting I can use to output it in mono?

I know, for example, that on the guitars I can disable doubling (which has the effect of reducing the stereo width), but I sometimes want to output a guitar or piano in mono to use in the dense mix. Is this possible in Kontakt 6? I could pan in my DAW, but I'm looking for a true mono track.




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    The best way to deal with this is to load a stereo modeller effect in the Output panel of Kontakt and drop the width to 0 there.

    There's a crash that happens if an instrument is using send effects (which normally output stereo signal for their returns) and you send that instrument to a mono channel, so I would avoid that.

    Or, just pan/reduce width in your DAW. Not really a huge difference if a track is mono or stereo in the end.

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    Thanks very much. Will explore.

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