Does the S88 MK2 emit rf interference like the MK1?

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Hello, I've been thinking of returning to using an S88 controller after re-formatting all my sample libraries to work with NKS. However, I stopped using my MK1 quite a while ago because it emitted rf interference that my guitar pickups would capture if I was sitting close to the keyboard while recording something. The buzzing was pretty bad and made the S88 unusable. I'm wondering if there are any guitar players out there who use an S88 MK2 and might be able to confirm whether the problem still exists.

Thanks for your time.


  • JesterMgee
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    Did you happen to maybe try switch the LEDs off in the options of the KK software to see if that makes a difference? That can be done for the MK1 but not the MK2 and since it is a large row of LEDs that are PMW controlled they could generate enough noise I guess to be picked up if you are too close, tho sounds like more of a lack of proper grounding somewhere. Personally no idea if the MK2 would be any better, not sure many have hit this kind of issue

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it.

    I will check out the LED suggestion. Never thought of just shutting them off. Ironically, the reason I want the MK2 is for the LEDs! Being able to see key mapping quickly is an important part of how my new setup works. I'm pretty sure grounding isn't the issue because I'm in a newer studio where the power is double-earthed, conditioned and circuits are sorted by pre-determined gear groups. But I will run down the power route to the keyboard and confirm.

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