K7 still work with Kirk Hunter Concert Brass 2?

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Hi, booting up my system for the 1st time in quite a while to do some work and I've noticed something has changed. I'm using DP 11.21 and K 7.52 on a 2017 iMacPro (Intel) and when I tried to add some instruments from my Kirk Hunter Concert Brass 2 set to an instance of Kontakt I not only didn't see them in the library the way I used to, but when I added individual files they did not show the usual Hunter graphic of the instrument on the right main pane of the instance. Is this a library that is no longer up-to-date with Kontakt 7? I couldn't find anything about K7 and Hunter working together.





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    I think the question is more if Concert Brass 2 still work with Kontakt 7

    On their site anything stated is just “FULL version of Kontakt (not the "player" version) or newer.“

    I would ask them for infos, or give more infos on what exactly is happening. Where is the library installed? Is the installation path in the plugins list?…

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    Thank you. It seems these libraries are now EOL. I'll email them and see if anyone responds. The libraries are on the same external SSD they've always been, it's just that now they're not loading properly.

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