Need help understanding 3rd party Kontakt libraries - NOOB alert!!

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Dear Anyone.

I've got Kontakt 5.1. Just bought a 3rd party preset library called 'Place of Pads'. UnRARed it. Saw a whole pile of .NKIs there so I thought 'Yaay - instruments - let's go!!' Drag'n'dropped one onto Kontakt and it came up saying all its .WAV files were missing!

So I went back to the .RAR file and sure enough, the muppet typing this had left 2 of the folders behind! Extracted those into the same folder as the .NKIs. Relaunched Kontakt. Drag'n'dropped .NKI. This time it told me all its .NCW files were missing!!

THIS one stumped me cos there are no .NCW files, whatever those are (I dunno - just know it can't find 'em!) I've got a folder called Scripts, which is empty. Another folder called Pictures, then I.R. samples, then DS Store. I've no idea what a DS Store is. The .IR samples are all .WAV files. There isn't a .NCW file in sight. And there doesn't seem to be ENOUGH .WAV files, TBH! There's 21. When I first tried drag'n'dropping a .NKI, it told me there were loads more .WAVs missing than that, so that's puzzling. And there isn't a .NCW in sight. Checked the .RAR file. No .NCWs.

So do I go back to Loopmasters, where I bought the presets and yell at them and say they forgot to put the .NCWs in the pack? How come I can only find 21 .WAV files yet the .NKI was saying there were LOADS more than that missing (can't remember the exact number but it was in the hundreds, I'm sure of it.) Why is the scripts folder empty?

Basically, have I been ripped off by Loopmasters or not? I mean it wasn't THAT expensive, just have a horrible feeling I've been sold a duff pack of stuff. Checked the Loopmasters download area and don't THINK I missed downloading anything, if you think I should go back and check again, I will do. I'm a bit cross because in the demo, there were some really excellent pad sounds.

Anyone got any ideas?

Yours hopefully


That's my Place of Pads, that's alllll there is of it. The folders on the left are all that came in the .RAR. The samples on the right are all the .WAVs I can find (if there's more in whatever the DS store is, tell me, I've no idea how to open that thing!) Instruments are the .NKIs. God knows what the MULTIS mean or are!! Can't find a .NCW anywhere, so I've been ripped off, right!?!

And that's it! Hoping someone can help make sense of it all! Only wanted a few nice sounds to use :(



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    What is in the Samples Folder under the main folder, that is where the samples for the instrument would be. The files you are looking at are the Impulse Response files for the reverb effect. Post a screen shot of file missing dialog when it cannot find the .NCW files.

    Edit, forgot to mention that .NCW files are Compressed Lossless files of the samples...should be in the samples folder.

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    Dear Blindeddie.

    Thankyou very much for your help.

    Found a utility that converted all the .WAVs to .NCWs. Then the instrument came up looking like it had been hit by a bus, discovered that's because I'd not put a file called Resources on my desktop, where Kontakt wanted it to be. It was in the same folder as the .WAV files so I'd just left it there, but when I put it on the desktop, because I re-read the new error message which said 'Resources expected here....' and a path leading to my desktop, it began working. Not sure why all the .NCWs were missing, though. Thought Kontakt would have converted the .WAVs, didn't realise the user was supposed to. Is it always like that? I mean if I buy more presets, will I have to convert all the .WAVs again before they work?

    Yoiurs respectfully


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    What you experienced is not normal... something is wacky with the Third party Library. I have had similar issues with one library where the dev did not pack the zip file properly, and it put folders in incorrect locations within the main folder, and yes, it was a mess. I think you may have just gotten unlucky this time and being that any links I found to LM Sounds (the Dev) are dead, it does not surprise me...

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