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I am not sure if this is possible to merge favorites from one file to another. I migrated to a new computer about 1 1/2 years ago, but failed to transfer my favorite files. I began developing identifying several new favorites on several Komplete 14 instruments. At this point I have several hundred favorites on my new computer. I would like to add my old favorites but from what I could find, if I try to take the old favorite file 'favorites.db3Transferring Favorites to a Different Computer

If you want to use your Favorites on a different computer, you can simply move the 'favorites.db3' file to the same location on the new computer. Please note that you can only have one Favorites file in that folder. If you do not need the existing Favorites on the new computer, you can delete or overwrite the file. Otherwise, you can also create a backup for later use.

I am not sure if data can be extracted from the favorites.db3 file? Or if there may be another solution. Any suggestions?  


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    I don't understand how a company can leave paid user questions go unanswered.

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