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I have installed Komplete 14 standard. My DAW is Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro studio. When I record Strummed Acoustic from Kontact 7 as an example, the audio is crackly, distorted and lagging as I record from my midi keyboard. What is the solution?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @lacyr d Can you give more details? What audio soundcard / driver are you using and with what settings (sample rate/buffer size)? What is your opearting system? Is it the same in Kontakt in standalone?

  • lacyr d
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    Hi Jeremy

    Under sound, video and game controllers

    ADM High Defenition Audio Device


    Realtek High Definition Audio

    I am running Windows 10(Pro-64(Admin)

    IntelCore i5-6400 CPU@2.7.GHz.16.0GB RA, Radeon RX 570 Series

    Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio Preferences is set to Core


    Playback Device (Output) Speakers(Realtek High Definition Audio)

    Core Audio Options 44100Hz, 16Bit Stereo

    Latency (ms) 3.0 Exclusive Mode to lower Latency is ticked

    Use High priority Threads For audio Engines is also ticked

    Opening VST instruments Kontakt 7 in my DAW and load Strummed Acoustic, load a pattern for example, when I hit a key on my midi Keyboard it plays as normal. When I hit record thats where the problem lies. The sound is distorted if thats the right word? Crackly and slower and sounds nothing like the pattern I selected.

    I have also tried changing my settings in Mixcraft Preferences to Wave Sample Rate 44100

    Number of Buffers 8 

    Bit Depth 16 Buffer Size 16384

    Use High Priority Threads for audio Engine is ticket

    Would using an audio interface solve the problem?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @lacyr d Have you tried to use Asio4All? Setting up ASIO4ALL for Onboard Sound Cards

    Also this article might be helpful to you: Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

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