Upgrading from S61 to S88 - do I need to unintall first?

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Hello all...

I am going to be selling my KK S61 Mk II (which was KK 11 select, I think) and am buying a new KK S88 Mk II (which will likely be KK 13 select). I understand how to do the license transfer for selling my S61, so I'm set with that.

But I am confused about the best order of operations here.

Do I need to request the transfer and uninstall whatever software came with that keyboard first and then do a new install from the S81? Or can I just swap keyboards and move on from there. Seems to me that it's a wash in the end.

I also have a lot of NI instruments that I bought piecemeal when they had sales. I'm hoping they can just remain in place.

Honestly, NI makes this a ridiculous hassle. I'm no fan of iLok, but that would at least be much easier than this.





  • Kubrak
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    No, problem. No, need to uninstall K11S as the licence for K11S will stay at your account and new owner will get a new licence, (most probably) current version - K13S.

    And you will get K13S with S88 keyboard. Which includes few plugins more than K11S.

    In my opinion, NI way is easier than iLok. But it may be harder to understand all subtlyties....

  • WesChilton
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    Thanks Kubrak, I appreciate the response. I also got a bit more detailed explanation from NI support. I think this process must not be very common because there was no clear information on how it goes. But I have it all now, and it does seem straightforward. :)


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