trouble syncing tempos of presets to match komplete kontrol & DAW

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Hi everyone! Newbie needing expert guidance here. I posted this query a while ago and was asked to provide clarification, but then I think it fell out of view, so I'm reposting it.

I’m running Logic Pro and GarageBand on a M1 MacBook Pro (Monterey 12.6.7; 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7; 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3).

I just got Komplete 14 Ultimate and installed it and am trying to play with it using a generic controller keyboard and so far everything is mostly functioning. I’m using Komplete Kontrol as a plugin within Logic and GarageBand.

Here’s what is weird: the NI/Komplete Kontrol sounds are out of synch with the song tempo. I ran into this issue with Hybrid Keys, Straylight, Ashlight, Sequis and then gave up

This forum won't let me post a video or a link to a video, so frustrating. But if you go the following (removing the spaces) you can hopefully find the video I made of the issue.

https :// youtu. be / ALCNDhF3Rus

Let’s say I start a new song and set a song bpm at 108bpm in Logic or GarageBand. Next, I add a track, and I pull up a NI preset sound via Kontrol as a plug-in on the track. Kontrol will match the song tempo and also show 108bpm (which I show in the video). If I choose a preset that has its own intrinsic rhythm, that rhythm is at a tempo. But in most cases that preset tempo doesn’t automatically match to the tempo of the song.

In this case the preset say "Hybrid Keys: Crackle Chord", has a rhythm made by the twangy piano hits. If we were to count/tap it out (which I"m too lazy to do right now) let's imagine the piano rhythm hits at a tempo of 100bpm. That obviously doesn’t match the tempo of the song, so if I lay down a track with that preset on a song with a 108bpm, it will rhythmically clash with all my other instruments.

This is the problem.

In the video, I use my controller keyboard to play "Hybrid Keys: Crackle Chord" preset sound. You can hear the tempos clash. So I do quantization, but they still clash; "Hybrid Keys: Crackle Chord" is NOT playing its hits at 108bpm.

In most cases, the preset’s rhythm and the song’s rhythm need to be at the same bpm (unless you want the timing of the sound to be different than that of the track for artistic reasons). So naturally I’ll want to make the tempos match.

I didn't record his part, but if I change the current tempo of the song (108bpm) in Logic/GarageBand to try to match the rhythm of the preset (100bpm), the rhythm of the preset sound ALSO slows, so that is is now 8bpm slower, still clashing in tempo. The result is that the sound rhythm is now at 80 when the song is at 100. You can tell by listening that the preset sound has changed simply by changing the song tempo. But not in a helpful way.

So obviously Kontrol is telling the preset sound tempo to change based on the song tempo, but somehow it’s always off sync with not only my DAW, but also with Kontrol itself because the preset sound tempo doesn’t match the bpm Kontrol is showing.

Does that clarify the issue?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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