Battery 4 and ProTools

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This is driving me nuts - it used to be in the olden days (i.e. about a year ago), that when you booted up a session in ProTools you'd get a warning from Battery if any samples were missing BEFORE the the loading was complete. Now, the session loads, and you get NO warning until you either a) press play and happen to notice there are no samples playing, or b) you click on an instance of Battery, when it suddenly wakes up and goes, "Oh yeah, about those samples, where are they...?"

It makes a mockery of being able to instantly "recall" a session if you have to do this hunting around, trying to work out if any of the plugins are playing ball or not.

Whose fault is this? Is it Tools or is it Battery? And can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it back to how it was, so we get a warning BEFORE we start printing mixes???


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