Komplete Kontrol missing items in library when using backup "favorites.db3"

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I was having an issue where my Komplete Kontrol library was missing items and was glitching when selecting a Type such as "Piano / Keys". It wouldn't even update or it would display just a handful of sounds.

I reinitialized the Komplete Kontrol database as suggested online and backed up my "favorites.db3" file before deleting it. Went thru all the steps for this and my Komplete Kontrol library was showing all my sounds.

However, all my favorites were missing as I hadn't put the backup file back in its place. Soon as I do that and launch Komplete Kontrol, its missing items again and acting like it was in the first place.

Any one have this experience before? Is there a way to solve this and recover all my favorites as I still have the backup "favorites.db3" file?


  • Rikk Show
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    Did you follow these instructions?

    I did and lost my Favorites. NI don't warn for this or provide a way to bring them back. NI IS ALL LOST?


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    I did reinitialize the Komplete Kontrol database only because I was having the issue to begin with. I can still put my "favorites.db3" back in its place and they're there. But with the file in place, my Komplete Kontrol browser starts to glitch and won't display all my sounds once a select a TYPE such as "Piano / Keys". It displays a whopping 2 sounds when I select that TYPE.

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    You don't happen to have the Favourites filter engaged so it is only filtering your favs when you put the file back or something?

    Can you zip both your fav and database file and attach? Should be simple enough to test these files to confirm the issue or not.

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    No I have Komplete Kontrol shut down when I put the favorites file back. Launching KK moving forward after that always comes up with the same issue.

    I attached both files. Check em out man, I'd appreciate it.

  • JesterMgee
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    All I could do is check the db structure as KK wont list the records without the NKS files/plugins being available. No issue I can see.

    Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like in this "glitched" state showing the presets that are listed for instance?

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    Here are a couple screenshots. When browsing all sounds and having "Piano / Keys" selected, I only get 2 sounds. In the other examples I pull up IGNITION KEYS and at first I get all the TYPES (some not even included in this library) then I select a TYPE and it refreshes and displays only the ones inside IGNITION KEYS.

    The last 2 screenshots you can see it doesn't display all the "Bass" sounds and won't update or display when selecting "Piano / Keys" sounds.

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    Sorry I'm not sure if there's anything I can add as help as I have not risked deleting my favourites.db since it took so much trouble to create, but I have to say I really wish NI support would stop advising people to do this. I can't see how it would help with troubleshooting anything apart from problems with favourites themselves, and given the amount of work that goes into building up a database of favourites they should not be encouraging people to trash it as a routine troubleshooting measure, except as an extreme last resort.

    Also this does highlight the need for NI to make it much easier to back up and export favourites, for example to help when moving to a new computer.

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