Kontakt isn't detecting midi inputs

Rhein Nabeel
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i recently bought a new macbook to replace my old windows laptop, then i installed all of my stuff including Kontakt (in this case i'm still using Kontakt 6 FV), and when it's installed and i open it either standalone or daw, Kontakt isn't detecting any of my midi inputs.

i did set the audio midi in/out settings, set my midi input to Port A and still isn't detecting, then set my midi input to Port B, etc and zero result.

of course yes i can set the midi input to omni, but the problem is not all of my library had the ability to change the midi input either to other ports or omni, and when i'm using the omni input it gives many false signal, for example it reads sustain pedal is on but i don't step on my sustain pedal at all

i also did changing the usb ports (there's 4 ports) and nothing changes, also i did using different type of midi cables (5-pin to usb, and type b to usb)

somebody facing the same issue? and how to fix this?



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