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I have a problem with my s88 mk2. The key for the tone G, in all octaves, is "humped". They are not flat like the other keys.

Has anyone observed this phenomenon as well? it is already a replacement device because the first loud click caused noise when pressing a button. and now this problem :(

maybe someone knows about it or might have had the problem too?

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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Autumn85 I don't think I've ever seen similar issues being reported here. Feel free to get back to our hardware support team with some photos so we can take a closer look. Sorry for the trouble!

  • Autumn85
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    Here some Photos.

    I think it is not normal.. Keys has to even and flat!

    Somebody know about this...???

  • BIF
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    My S49 does not have this, but I believe that's a MK I model (when they just called it the "Komplete Kontrol S49" and nobody knew there would be a Mark II). I know the 88 has a different keybed and all, but if it's only the G keys, that sounds like a definite manufacturing issue to me.

    This may sound crazy, but is it possible that this is a design feature for the 88-key device? Maybe as an assist for the vision-challenged, or for somebody playing live and wanting to maintain eye-contact with people and not their keyboard controller?

    Also, this reminds me that almost all modern computer keyboards have a little "bump" on the typing surface of the F, J, and numeric keypad "5" keys. This is the case even for keyboards with lighting.

    But if so, I wonder why it would be the "G" note and not the "C" note.


  • Autumn85
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    Thank you for your answer bif! 

    I actually had the exact same thoughts! Of course, I also know about 10 finger typing from the orientation points on the keyboard. 

    The problem is unfortunately that I don't need such an uneven keyboard on the s88 and I also don't think I got a version for people with disabilities. 

    I only know roughened keys for a better grip... but I didn't find out more on the subject. 

    The fact is, I don't need any landmarks, just a normal, flawless keyboard :(

    so far the support actually describes the problem as normal... i don't know exactly what to think of it yet. please tell me that a normal keyboard shouldn't have such irregularities

    So here are a few more pictures that further highlight the problem.

  • BIF
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    It sure does look like it's Cucoo for Cocoa Puffs, lol. I also noticed in your 2nd pic, the B note keys also appears convex...though slightly less than the G notes.

    Or maybe it's just the lighting playing tricks on my eyes.

    Do you have a music store nearby who might have one of these on display? A comparison with other devices might be helpful. I do, but with the hurricane on the way, they probably won't be open until Thursday or Friday.

  • Autumn85
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    thank you bif,

    the question is, do you see the whole thing as a defect or as a deviation to be tolerated???

    The support seems to see it that way, the function is not affected. but the playing feel was...

    on my first s88 the keys were "clicky". this also didn't affect the function... but the gameplay. it was exchanged without hesitation..

    now I unfortunately have this problem here :(

    my 50€ midi keyboards don't have such a problem, and I should be satisfied with this high expenditure of money?

  • BIF
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    If you are withiin the warranty period, I would have the retailer open an RMA. I recommend asking for a NIB (New In Box) replacement (not refurbished) unit.

    If you bought it from a store's physical stock, they should be more than willing to swap your unit with another one. After all, this is a more than $1,000 piece of equipment! And if the replacement has the "Solsbury Hill" keys (see what I did there?), then maybe consider just getting a full refund and looking for another retailer who might be willing to open a box and let you inspect it before asking for payment.

    You could also reach out to NI technical support. They might not be reading this thread, though.

  • 604way
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    This looks like a defect. The keys on my S88 Mk2 are all flat

  • Autumn85
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    many thanks for your help.


    I bought the piano in the online store! First, as I said, I had the clicky problem, it was replaced without hesitation.

    With the replacement device, the support is convinced that there is nothing wrong with the keyboard.. I have now linked this thread to the support and invited them to discuss it!

    I don't think it's ok at all when things like this happen with the keyboard, the keys all have to be even and straight.

    Just like you @604way , thanks for your report!

    Why do I still have to argue???

    Otherwise I will probably have a problem with the payment service provider and open a case with it... that would be a shame! I hope that it can still be clarified properly, because I think the NI software products are really great, and the keyboard is the perfect addition to the complete package.

    But, unfortunately I have to mention it again, I expect a perfect keyboard for over 1000 €!??! correct?

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