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I defined 2 Keyboard Zones in the Komplete Kontrol Software Midi Editor on my S61 MKII. How can I activate these zones in the stand-alone mode of may keaboard? Is a connection to a DAW needed to use the keyboard zones?

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  • JesterMgee
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    When you say "standalone mode" do you mean when connected to the computer but not using KK or when you are completely disconnected from the computer?

    The templates you create should persist even when not connected to the PC, however IF you connect the USB port to something, even a USB power supply, you only get the single generic layout. TO use the templates when not connected to a PC you have to power the keyboard via a power supply and use the MIDI port not the USB.

  • Martin_NI
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    Hi Jester,

    many thanks for the quick response and sorry for my inaccurate description of the problem.

    my setup for KK S61 MKII: connected to the PC, connected to the Steinberg UR22 MKII

    KK Software is started on the PC, Cubase 12 Elements is installed but not started.

    I first wanted to try the template with the keyboard split without the DAW running before trying it out in connection with Cubase. I've set up two Key Zones in the MIDI Mapping Editor, each with its own color. When I leave the editor, this assignment is no longer available. So my problem is how to activate this when playing normally on the keyboard.

    I hope this describes the problem better and I look forward to an answer. Greetings Martin

  • JesterMgee
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    If KK is still open you will need to press the MIDI button on the keyboard to switch to MIDI mode. Is that the issue?

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