Replika XT error in Logic Pro

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Using Logic Pro 10.7.2 (Rosetta) on Monterey on a MBP M1. Native Access says all up to date.

Big Fun.

But, ....

today I start work and this error comes up when launching Logic projects with Replika XT in it:

Error /Volumes/build/bamboo-build/FXF-NMB-BUILDMAC/sources/libs/nilibs/gp/src/Common/Init_GP.cpp:55

Hit OK -> Nothing happens. Songs won't launch. Then Logic crashes. 

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  • Eddie_NI
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    Hi Jochen,

    thanks for getting in touch and reporting this problem. I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble using Replika XT. 

    I just tried to reproduce the problem on my M1 (Monterey 12.1, Logic 10.7.2, Replika XT 1.2.1) and everything works fine. I can save and the load a project in Logic without any issues.
    I used Logic with and without the "Open in Rosetta" setting, both work for me.

    So in order to find out what's wrong on your computer, can you try creating a new Logic project, add Replika XT, save the project and the load the project? 
    Does adding Replika XT already crash or does that work in the new project?

    And could you please give us the crash report from the crash that you experienced?

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