Third Party Library Not Added - CREATE NICNT FILES

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hello, friends

Well, it turns out that I have a third-party library (it is not part of Native Instruments and it is not added from Native Access, when I received it they only sent me the files) and I cannot do anything to add the library (I used the Add Library tool in Kontakt 5 , the Junior Porciuncula Software, etc. and I would like to know if a new nicnt file can be generated (and if that can be done I would like to know how or with what program) thank you!!!


  • Jeremy_NI
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    We don't encourage this kind of software, obviously. Since Kontakt 7, you can easily add non Kontakt player libraries though: How to Add Non-Player Libraries to KONTAKT 7's Browser

  • Vic311
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    Thanks, but I would really like the Library Banner to appear in the sidebar to choose libraries from there just like with Native Instruments. Using the new function of Kontakt 7, the cover of the library doesn't even appear, it only shows a folder icon... And it's not so practical to load sounds quickly, I don't like it at all that you can't add libraries anymore how do they have to be added... That "new function" is nothing more than a "favorites" section of the "Files" menu to which we have all been accustomed for years

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