Kontakt stops other VSTs from making sounds, any ideas?

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Dear Anyone.

I've got a legit. copy of Kontakt 6, however I use a 32-bit DAW as I've finally realised I'm too braindead to understand 64-bit DAWs - believe me I've tried but you can't WRITE music with those things, you're just drag'n'dropping MIDI loops onto timelines and I like WRITING music. Maybe that makes me weird. Anyway.

I JBRIDGED my legal Kontakt and it works fine, all its sounds play fine - but if I use Classic Player as well - which is a Maizeplayer VST that's also been JBRIDGED - dunno if that's got any bearing - and it and Kontakt are playing sounds at the same time, the Classic Player will cut out. If I cut the Kontakt notes so Kontakt's still there and running but not playing anything, it comes back again. If I put the Kontakt notes back in but mute Kontakt so it's not playing, Classic Player works fine. It's only when it and Kontakt are playing at the same time it cuts out. It and Kontakt are the only two JBRIDGED things I've got and nothing else has any problems playing when Kontakt's playing. I'm not trying to make you think JBRIDGE's the problem, just trying to be open about everything.

Anyone got any ideas?

Yours puzzledly



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Chris, it's highly probable that JBRIDGE is the problem here, or more importantly trying to use 64 bits plugins in a 32 bit environment. This is definitely not supported, so our support can't help you with that. Maybe some other users will be able to.

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