Instrument keeps changing on playback.

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I use Musescore 4 to compose and transcribe, and I use the Komplete Kontrol app for my VST's in Musescore. I just subscribed to the Native Access service a few weeks ago to try out the VST's. I haven't had too many issues so far, but a recent problem has completely broken the program for me. This hasn't happened before.

When I hit the playback in Musescore, the VST in Komplete Kontrol changes perpetually, over and over again while playing back, until both apps crash. This didn't start until I saved a preset of one of the VST's and tried to load it. But now it won't go away, no matter what. Sorry, but the forum doesn't seem to let me post any kind of video.

I've tried factory resetting Musescore and Native Access apps, and after that didn't work, I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything. It's still doing it. I have no idea what could be causing this. I've already made one recording successfully with this setup, so I know it works. I don't know what could've broken it.


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