Pitch Bend Help on Kontakt 6 (SOLVED)

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I'm not entirely new to Kontakt and I've seen many older posts about adding pitch bend mods to an instrument. I'm confused as to how to change the pitch bend from 2 semitones (default) to a broader range. I've read to add a pitch bend mod in the Tune wheel section when editing an instrument and to just "keep adding more pitch bends mods" to extend the range and I've tried that with no luck.

I've also used Automation to manually assign a unused CC to activate said pitch bend but there is no playback change. However, when I have the note played (I'm using Reaper) and I manually drag the pitch bend mod wheel in Kontakt's interface it does function (except in the 2 semitone range even with 3-4 more pitch bend mods added).

I don't know if I'm complicating modifying pitch bends too much, or if there's a step between that I'm not doing/following correctly.

Frankly, the older posts made sense, but when applying them in my case it still didn't work.

It reminds me of algebra. (X+Y = Pitch Bend).

Any help or more explanatory suggestions would be helpful.

NOTE: I was trying this with Spitfire Audio's Albion Iceni "long strings" individual patch in the current version of Reaper DAW.

2-3 semitone pitch bend worked on it, but not an "octave long" one. Say a pitch bend from C-2 to C-1 for example.


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  • Blindeddie
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    So when you adjust the Tuning pitch bend modulator up to 12st that it does not increase the pitch bend? Could be that there is some scripting that is overiding the modulator...Don't have that library, so I can not test it here.

  • SJM1987
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    Yeah, there's no increase in the bend. Only when I use Kontakt's "Mod Wheel" in the interface is there any bend (but it's only the 2 semitones).

  • Blindeddie
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    if you just open the "Source" mod tab, is there already an existing Pitch Bend Mod... if so, have you tried increasing that one?

  • SJM1987
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    I think I have, I'll give it a try and let you know. :)

    EDIT: In "Source" there is a pitch bend mod, set to 2 semitones. I increased it all the way to 12 (max) but there's no change.


    It's not a big deal, this is mostly to write aleatoric music without imagining string clusters moving up or down.

  • EvilDragon
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    Make sure you have Edit All Groups enabled before you set the bend range... I just tried it with Iceni and it works just fine!

  • SJM1987
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    That worked. Thank you! One more question if I may, in Reaper (or any DAW) what is the CC for the Pitch Bend?

    In the Kontakt Keyboard interface there's two "wheels" the pitch bend and modulation. Modulation works with CC learning for changing volume, but pitch bend doesn't respond when using the same wheel with CC learning.

    Is there a specific CC# for the Pitch Bend wheel (CC#0 for example), or is it something I have to do manually?

    Now I just need to figure out how to add a CC controller to do the bends without having the interface open every time.

  • Blindeddie
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    Answer ✓

    Pitch Bend is a Midi System Message as explained on this page...

    MIDI CC List - Everything You Need To Know (Quick Guide) (whippedcreamsounds.com)

    In Reaper, open Piano roll view and the click the double row of dots at the bottom (see screenshot). Click the dropdown that says "Velocity" and select Pitch and draw in any pitch bend info you want...

  • SJM1987
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    Thank you everybody, that did it! I appreciate all the help and feedback!

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