Feature Request - Komplete Kontrol - Multiple instruments per instance

yesitsmattharris Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Allow multiple instruments to be loaded into a single instance of Komplete Kontrol, so they can either be layered or used separately depending on the MIDI channel set for each instrument. (I believe this is already possible in Kontakt with the Multi Rack functionality). Additionally, allow the user to switch between instruments via the keyboard.

Hopefully this would provide the added benefit of reducing the CPU overhead of loading multiple instances in a given project.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    heyhey @yesitsmattharris thanks for the feedback

    yeah it's true that you can only load one instrument per instance of Komplete Kontrol atm, unlock Kontakt. I wonder though if it would make that much of a difference in terms of cpu load?

  • nightjar
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    There is no reason to think there would be a reduced CPU load.

    Same amount of "work" needs to happen regardless of how triggered.

    But offering a layering method to design a KK patch seems like a an easier feature to implement if NI wanted...

  • yesitsmattharris
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    Yup ignore the CPU comment - was an unrelated issue I was facing!

  • JesterMgee
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    Hopefully this would provide the added benefit of reducing the CPU overhead of loading multiple instances in a given project.

    Actually, it can impact greatly in a DAW and it is worth knowing how DAWs and processors work to know that there are many reasons it is better to not overload tracks in a DAW with too many plugins.

    To make the best use of multi-core processors a DAW will usually assign processor/core to tracks in your project so if you have a 12 core processor and 10 tracks with 10 instances of a plugin they each may have a core each which means they have ample processing available and things work fine.

    However if you create the exact same project using just 1 track with 10 instances of the same plugin loaded into a multi-host plugin the whole thing will likely fall over.

    Plugins like Kontakt are not too heavily impacted by this because Kontakt is mostly just a sample player and there is usually little CPU load playing multi-samples instruments as they are just streaming from RAM/Disk, the issue is when you have synth plugins and effects that use heavy processing like Unison and complex reverb/delays and wave generation. All of that data has to be generated on-the-fly and this is where things fall apart pretty quickly when overloaded.

    It isn't simply as clear cut as this because there are a lot of additional tricks used to help spread load and it comes down to how things were designed in the first place but DAWs differ between themselves too, but its always been known that beyond simple layering of a couple of sounds in a plugin instance, it is best in larger projects to try and create new tracks instead of lumping too many processes into a single track.

  • mickeyl
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    I think there is a clear management direction to not turn KOMPLETE KONTROL into KORE.

  • Kymeia
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    And it’s time they got over it. Komplete Kontrol could be an awesome multi instrument and sound design environment if it had the ability to load and save combos of multiple sound sources and fx, with flexible routing and morphing using a touch XYZ pad. We need some big picture thinking about what KK could and should be instead of tinkering around the edges.

  • nightjar
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    edited August 2023

    100% Yes.

    Whatever KK software's initial developmental intent (a functional bridge to the desktop), when actually released to users this "bridge" showed it's greater potential as an all encompassing environment for managing the resources of all NI products and to provide flexible performance-data input.

    And this greater potential cannot be fully realized within the constraints of the keyboard's own display and limited navigation buttons.

    KK software needs to thrive first and foremost as a excellent user experience in the desktop app.

    The keyboard needs to be thought of as just a well designed "remote control" for the desktop experience. This chunk of hardware owns the "prime real estate" right in front of the user and needs to use this vital workspace in the way that best serves the overall user experience.

  • dr_infantil
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    I don't know if I understand this completely. Komplete Kontrol is designed to work with the Sxx Keyboards. Just recently I bought an S49 Mk2 and with that keyboard I can control one Komplete Kontrol instance. This works, but I don't see the benefit of using the keyboard to control my Komplete Kontrol in my DAW, if it is only possible to control a single instance with only one single instrument. I mean, the keyboard should have the potential to parametrize all of the loaded instruments (compatible with Kontakt). But as far as I understand, it can only be used to modify an instrument and then save it as a preset. If this is really the case, what is the purpose of the Keyboards at all (Besides looking fancy with the colorful displays and LEDs)?

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 682 mod

    It will control content hosted in any instance of Komplete Kontrol on any track within the DAW.

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