Kontakt 7 crashes because of output section plugins

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Hello all! I am creating DAW songwriting templates and I have clients reporting that my latest template crashes their DAW after Kontakt 7 loads up. Never happened before with other templates.

Kontakt 7 is used for a drum sample library here (multi-out routing into the DAW). I used Kontakt 7.1.8 when creating the template. The clients reporting the issue were on 7.5.2. However, the issue lies mainly in the Kontakt output section.

This is the first template where I used a bunch of Kontakts built-in plugins in the output section to mix the drums before even hitting the DAW (EQ, comp, limiter etc.).

I just updated to Kontakt 7.5.2 and now I have the exact same issue that my clients have: I open the DAW project, Kontakt 7 loads up, I click on a drum and the DAW crashes. (see video 1)

When I open the DAW project and change the output section to a factory one (without any plugins) it works just fine. (see video 2) So I know what I have to do: I will stray away from using Kontakts built-in plugins in the future and I'll have to adjust my DAW templates accordingly.

If anyone knows a workaround I'd be happy to hear it.

Ps.: looks like I can't post links to my screen recordings because I "need to be around for a little while before I can post links". :,)

EDIT: Starting with a blank output section, I added the plugins again step by step. In my case it's the Supercharger GT compressor and Transparent Limiter which are causing the crashes.



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    May help to know what OS/DAW this is being tested with?

    TBH if the issue is internal plugins in Kontakt and you are using multi-out for your kits i'd simply leave processing out of it since that is what people would usually use multi-track setups to place their own processing in the DAW.

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    @Mix-Ready You should be allowed to post your video now.

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