How I fixed guitar rig 6 stuck in demo mode

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I bought guitar rig 6 yesterday and got stuck in the 'Demo mode' nightmare. Native access 2 wouldn't or couldn't authenticate the program as 'full version'.

they tell you to find the Native Instruments folder in the public documents folder, but when I looked, it was not visible.

I thought what the heck is going on?

I finally searched Native Instrument in the search box (see attachments) and found it was hidden. when I deleted the file in the attachment in the ras3 folder, it worked.

NOTE: I downgraded to Native Access 1 from 2 (google it).

all in all this was the worst experience ever in trying to activate a purchased software. No help from Native Instruments. what a load of ******.

I will not buy anything else from them.

Hope this helps someone with similar issues.




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