Kontakt 7 with Komplete 10

Joshua Stamper
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In 2015 I bought Komplete 10. It's been an invaluable tool in my work.

I recently purchased a new laptop (MacBook Pro, M2, OS 13.4.1), and because of the new operating system the Kontakt 5 player doesn't work anymore. I've downloaded both of the latest Kontakt players, 6 and 7, from my Native Access account, but they're only playing in demo mode. Since I've already purchased Komplete, is there a way to register these players for non-demo use?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Joshua Stamper


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  • Joshua Stamper
    Joshua Stamper Member Posts: 7 Newcomer
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    Thank you very much for the speedy reply. Very appreciated.

    It turns out the issue was that I had neglected to tell Native Access where my libraries were stored, which was an external SSD. Once I did this, the 'demo' box went away and I could hear sounds.

    Thank you again...


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