Komplete Kontrol keyboard not fully recognized by new/migrated Mac computer

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TLDR: My KK S-49 works on my M1 Macbook Pro, but not fully on my M2 Mac Studio.

When plugged into my M1 Macbook Pro (via the USB cable that came with the keyboard, into an Apple USB A-to-C adapter, directly into the computer):

  • The keyboard's screens show the MIDI CC controls in MIDI mode
  • The Komplete Kontrol app sees the keyboard and the little MIDI Assignment Editor button shows up in the top right of the app.

But if I plug that into my M2 Mac Studio the same way:

  • The keyboard's screens only show "Komplete Kontrol" and "Smart Keyboard Controller" with no MIDI CC controls
  • None of the keyboard buttons light up or work
  • The keyboard does pass basic MIDI signals (notes from the keys and mod/pitch wheel data)
  • The Komplete Kontrol app does not see the keyboard and doesn't show the MIDI Assignment Editor button.

I've tried different cables, different ports, and plugging directly into the M2 Mac Studio as well as through a CalDigit TS4 hub, and it's always the same.

Both machines are running macOS Ventura 13.4.1 (current latest version). The S-49 is running firmware v.0.6.0, which I understand is also the latest version.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

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    Yeah, it did and does have full disk access.

    But I've still just solved the issue thanks to you. I had skimmed that article already, but looking closer, "NIHardwareAgent" and "NIHostIntegrationAgent" don't actually exist in the specified Library>Hardware folder, even though they've been showing up in my login items.

    Reinstalling Komplete Kontrol did the trick.

    I'm guessing this was a complication from using Migration Assistant to set up this computer from my laptop.

    Thanks so much!

    Perhaps this thread's subject should be changed to "Komplete Kontrol keyboard not fully recognized by new/migrated Mac computer" or something for future readers.


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