Any way to downgrade to Komplete Kontrol 2.9.1?

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Ever since I upgraded it, the UI is completely unusable and weird. It shows blurry, aliased and the UI does not match with the controls anymore. Even the system menus show up blurry and weird. No other software has this problem.

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  • zsoltster
    zsoltster Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Even the splash screen is wrong and cut off. I tried reinstalling it multiple times.. it's broken

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @zsoltster What graphic card are you using? Is it a high dpi screen? What are your display settings?

    Here is Komplete Kontrol 2.9.1

    Can you confirm downgrading fixes the issue?

  • PoorFellow
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    When making complains like that then always supply basic information as requested by Jeremy_NI , including screen resolution used and your Scale and Layout percentage used ! (right click desktop then Display Settings)

    Along the route started by the questions by Jeremy_NI then I would like to add that by opening the Properties of the Komplete Kontrol app itself (right click the app in folder/'file location') then you get the option to change the Compatibility options of the program then rather than choosing to fiddle with Windows version compatibility then try setting the High DPI settings otherwise (especially the scaling overide) !

  • Jeremy_NI
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