I can't open Prime Bass in my DAW

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Just purchased the new Session Bassist software today, only to find that it doesn't run on M1 Macs, despite Guitar Rig 6 running fine (albeit with the Rosetta workaround in Logic).

Have raised a support request shortly after purchase but have yet to hear anything and that was six hours ago.

I'm new to NI, how is support from them generally?

Anyone know what might help to get around this issue? There's a support article on here that talks about uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work.



  • Blindeddie
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    Session Bassist runs in Kontakt, so Guitar Rig has nothing to do with this issue... Please be specific about what "Doesn't Run" mean (error, crash etc...) The newest version of Kontakt (6.7.0) is M1 Compatible, so it should run no problem...

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @slackhandful Confirming that Prime Bass does run on M1 mac. In fact, I saw that you contacted our support team already and was able able to run it after all. Looks like there was just a small misunderstanding on how to navigate Kontakt.

  • Stephen Starmer
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    Hello I downloaded the free Kontakt player yesterday and have a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro running on MacOS Monterey 12.4. Just need to confirm that Prime Bass will work okay on it and all other earlier session packages too.

    Thank you and take care

    Stepehn Starmer

  • Blindeddie
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    Since Prime Bass uses Kontakt and Kontakt is M1 compatible, then it should run just fine as @Kaiwan_NI stated above.

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