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Hi guys,

how can I control the A/B pad from outside the GUI? (example in attachment)

Is it a midi CC or a host parameter?

I'd like to control this from MaxMSP, but can't figure out how to send values to it.




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    it is volume a and volume b in the host controllers list, you can´t learn them with the midi learn function.

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    I didn't find the param name ("Vol A" / "Vol B"), thanks!

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    What Kontakt Factory Library 2 instrument is this?

  • Uwe303
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    Thanks for highlighting this.

    I was struggling to configure this A/B pad to make these parameters available in the Ableton VST3 device as I couldn't get it to map there using the usual configure button either.

    Using the information above I found a workaround in case it's useful to anyone who wants a simpler way to map these controls...

    - Load a different Kontakt instrument with a long host automation parameter list. Retro Machines MK2 worked for me.

    - Find the Retro Machines parameters in the host automation list that you need for the A/B pad, #27 and #28 in the case above.

    - In the Ableton VST3 device, press configure then move controls within the Retro Machines that two parameters relate to. These should now appear in the Ableton device.

    - Within Kontakt, close Retro Machines and open the instrument with the A/B pad you want to use in its place.

    - The A/B controls should now be available in the Ableton VST3 device.

    - You can either save this setup as your default configuration for the Kontakt 7 VST3 device by right clicking the device name or you can group the device in a rack and save the rack which will also maintain this configuration.

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