Not only is Kontakt 7 crashing, but also Guitar Rig 6

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Yesterday I started to have trouble opening up projects that included Kontakt 7. Apparently this is not that uncommon, so I went through all the steps suggested online with registry entries, deleting app data files etc. I contacted the support and now I'm waiting for a response.

Meanwhile I can't work since every single project of mine has Kontakt in them. Yesterday I decided to start a project without Kontakt, but today when I tried to open that up, the same thing happened. Apparently Guitar Rig 6 does the same thing. Is this just a weird coinsidence or what might be the problem?

I've saved test projects with other products from NI like Massive X and some other plugins from other companies. Those projects seem to open just fine. Also I've updated everything I can from plugins to Windows and also drivers on my PC.

Any ideas what to try next? And also how long does the support usually take to answer? Like I said I can't really work on any projects at the moment and I was hoping they would've answered my support ticket already today, but I guess that was too optimistic.


  • Marr
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    Hey! Not sure about the support side, but some context info would be helpful for people on the forum.

    • What OS version and type?
    • What DAW and version?
    • Are your plugins updated?
    • What minimal steps for reproduction of the issue on your computer?

    Beyond that, if youre using mac try running your app using terminal to get a debug log, that might give you some useful debug info.

    Good luck!

  • Ihaksi
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    Sorry about that! I'm using FL Studio 21 on Windows 11. Like mentioned above, everything should be up to date. I had no problems before yesterday.

    • What minimal steps for reproduction of the issue on your computer?

    I don't understand this question, could you clarify a bit what you mean?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Ihaksi Have you tried to open Kontakt and Guitar rIg in standalone? Do they crash as well?

    I assume you tried these steps already, including check for Windows updates?

    GUITAR RIG Crashes at Startup

    KONTAKT Crashes

  • Ihaksi
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    Yes I went through all those steps and it had no effect. Windows up to date, drivers, fl studio and plugins, all should be updated.

    Actually I can open both plugins in both stand-alone and inside daw and they work just fine. They just crash when I try to open an already existing project.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Ihaksi Then I'm out of options, I see you got in touch with support, they'll help you out.

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