Komplete Kontrol, why half way? too small to be useful at all

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NI, do something or there are other places to go that will. make Komplete Kontrol resizable, it has almost no utility if you can not actually see or use the space properly. It's cool why did you guys stop half way again? Don't fool yourselves NI, look back the competition is drooling right on your shoulder.


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    You have neglected to tag your post as 'feedback' which is necessary if you want support to even have a chance to consider it !

    That said , then Native Instruments regularly receive that kind of input from people like you that are unhappy with lack of resize-ability of apps. And the short answer to your post is that while aware of that wish from some users then it is not something that Native Instruments are able to channel any resources into at the moment !

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    Who says they aren't? I don't think NI have said this, just that they are currently visibly working on resizability in Kontakt 7 doesn't mean they don't have other developments being worked on or planned behind the scenes, and I am sure Komplete Kontrol will benefit from that in time, just as Guitar Rig, Massive X and Kontakt benefitted from the development of hi res interfaces and more advanced graphics in the fx bundles. It's an iterative process, but clearly one NI are invested in or we wouldn't be seeing all the work that is clearly being put into Kontakt 7.

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    Half of all NI users are over 50 years of age.

    Yes, I made that up. But if you think about it, there's no way I'm wrong. October this year will mark 20 years of Komplete.

    If you've been buying Komplete since the "K-no-number", K2, K3, K4, or K5 days, guess what? You're NOT a spring chicken anymore. You probably haven't been a spring chicken since LONG BEFORE Taylor Swift was a spring chicken, and she hasn't been a spring chicken since about K6, hehe.

    Oh sure, you may have spring chickens living in your home, and you may call them "kids", "children", "offspring", "byproducts of prior judgment lapses", "future rock stars", or "people on the family payroll". But you surely ain't one anymore yourself.

    Yes, that was a bucket of cold reality I just doused you all with. My point is, however; that MOST PEOPLE USING KOMPLETE ARE AGING AND/OR NEED SOME VISUAL AIDS.

    "Working on it for Kontakt" is fine and dandy, but it's not enough. AI should get serious about a full-blown UI overhaul across all product lines, starting with anything bundled in Komplete.

    All UIs for all AI software SHOULD have infinitely resizable elements. Take a page from Blender. You can actually choose your fonts and sizes in Blender. No software maker in the modern era should be putting out apps with 2002 UIs that can't be fully scaled and fully clear and easy to read for people of ALL AGES.

    TLDR: Most of the world has bad vision so there's no excuse for not having infinitely resizable UIs.

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    So true and essential that NI invest heavily on development to make this happen ASAP.

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    "Working on it for Kontakt" is fine and dandy, but it's not enough. AI should get serious about a full-blown UI overhaul across all product lines, starting with anything bundled in Komplete.

    That's what they have been doing he last few years starting with their more recent fx, then Massive X and Guitar Rig, and now Kontakt, which is one of the last and probably the hardest (apart from maybe Reaktor which we don't have confirmation of yet). Komplete Kontrol is probably next. Not 'infinite' but certainly a usable selection of sizes for someone with over 60's eyes like myself and a 5K monitor.

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    That's good. But this all could have been avoided since 2004 when I was first complaining about it. Maybe it was 2008; not sure with all those presidential administrations coming and going.

    The problem definitely exacerbated when high-res monitors started coming out. The monitors got better and better, while the UIs kept getting more and more difficult to even SEE, much less actually READ.

    Then when "eyes off screens" tools started coming out (Komplete Kontrol Keyboards, Maschine, Push, to name a few), that allowed then-NI to continue their procrastination on an appropriate UI overhaul.

    I'm happy that they're working on it now. Maybe that's because today's "AI" is not the same company that Native Instruments was just three years ago. Three years or so of getting acquired, acquiring others, merging software platforms, and going through corporate renamings and rebrandings might just create a "come to Jesus" moment where it was decided that now with 14,548 products, SOME level of minimal standardization is needed. Has been needed for years now.

    Yes, thank you for doing this. But don't expect me to give an award for something that should have been corporate policy years ago when the two dudes still held the company.

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