Is there a discussion board here somewhere that has Guitar Rig presets developed by the community?

Ryan Christman
Ryan Christman Member Posts: 45 Member

See title question. I'm looking to see if there are community-developed presets posted anywhere within this forum.



  • SjD
    SjD Member Posts: 17 Member

    I'm sorry to say that I don't know of that and as nobody else has answered in a few days of your post, not sure.

    GR community discussion in recent times seems to comprise almost solely of requests to assist with software issues or unhappiness with the product and the feature set - (controller difficulties, not suitable for live and no Looper despite initially touting the product as going to have one).

    Shame - it sounds great IMO, and the effects are sublime, but as you can see, theres not much going on here..

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,542 admin

    Hi @Ryan Christman we used to have a space for user presets here but it's no longer active. You're welcome to create a dedicated thread for people to share their presets, like the NKS thread we have here.

    I'll be happy to feature it on our community homepage for visibility 🙂

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    It would indeed be nice to have this type of forum available where from time to time presets would be shared/highlighted from known/unknown guitar/bass players like the Marketplace from Line6. Artist presets were included in the inital version of GR6, but no additions in future versions when I'm not mistaken. But as @SjD mentioned, don't expect much as it's unclear where GR6 is going.

  • Ryan Christman
    Ryan Christman Member Posts: 45 Member

    I hope that this isn't to say that GR6 may be discontinued...

  • Gandi
    Gandi Member Posts: 55 Helper

    It officially, of course, not known whether NI will continue to operate GR. But if you look at what NI has invested in GR6 recently, the suspicion is obvious. NI invests almost nothing in this part of the software. And NI has stopped the exchange with the users for further development. (I do not consider the good support to bugs as development). 

    With other products of NI a roadmap is known. Not for GR 6. 

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    I share the thoughts of @Gandi , the fact that a roadmap, plan, open discussion with GR6-users, whatever type of communication, … was requested multiple times but systematically ignored, combined with the fact that nothing much has happened except Apple silicon compatibility, 2 ICM components and some bug fixes over a period of 2,5 years doesn’t look promising for the future. The sound of silence is how GR is approached currently, I understand they have to choose their battles, but some respect to paying customers is the least I would expect, f.e. explaining why the looper & liveview were simply removed in version 6.

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia NKS User Library Mod Posts: 3,702 mod
    edited July 2023

    I would be happy to add a Guitar Rig preset exchange section to the NKS User Library if people want that (with its own dedicated thread of course)

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    @Kymeia , sounds good! Maybe create a separate post for this?

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