Kontakt 7.5.0: thank you

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I haven’t tested the new update yet, but what I see in the last couple releases is many things asked by users being addressed.

So, since I’m always ready to ask NI for answers and to listen to their users, for one time I just wanted to say THANK YOU



  • Vocalpoint
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    Thanks here too. This is a big update :)

    Still wish the start time could be improved (standalone).

    K 7.50 still takes 10 secs to appear from icon click to visible UI.

    Kontakt 6 came up in a single second.


  • EvilDragon
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    You're welcome! :)

  • Rufuss Sewell
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    I'll reserve my thanks until Kontakt supports Light Guide, and most importantly, Light Guide can be turned off.

    So stupid that a $1k midi controller insists on having 88 blue lasers burning your eyes out full time.

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