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Fernando Jesús
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In case someone can help me. A couple of weeks ago I got a UG to Komplete 14 from Komplete 13. I use Studio One Artist 5 as a DAW. The problem is that all the projects that have the one-shot sampler crash when I open the Komplete Kontrol. It doesn't happen when I open the KK with a virtual instrument, only with the sampler. What happens is that you only see a piece of the KK image and it starts to make a noise until it closes itself. When I try this many times, the time comes when the project I open slows down and is heard sputtering, then when closing and opening several times it stops (the second problem, the first since it started has not stopped).

I have tried all the solutions that Native Instruments gives on its website and nothing. Presonus technical support gave me as a solution to remove the vst3 file from the KK folder so that it uses vst2 by default, but this is not a feasible solution for me because most of my projects (more than 200 songs) are made with the KK and if I do this they are empty of virtual instruments.

I don't know it overloads my CPU, I have a powerful computer. My audio interface is a Yamaha Steinberg UR22 mkII.

Computer Specifications:

*Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.79 GHz

*32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable)

*500GB M.2 SSD hard drive (C:)

*1TB SATA SDD hard disk (D:) --> Where I have everything from Native Instruments.

I have also taken the demo to Studio One 6 but it does not solve it either.

I attach a photo of what you see a few seconds before the automatic closing.

If someone can help me I am very grateful :))

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  • PoorFellow
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    The main problem here is that , quote : "Presonus technical support gave me as a solution to remove the vst3 file from the KK folder so that it uses vst2 by default" and while , quote : "this is not a feasible solution" for you , then it appear to be the recommended one.

    Please bear with me , I am not trying to be unkind in any way , just trying to go about things the way that 'a support technician' would (not pretending to be much of one with respect to this !). But other than that, I mean if support has 'nailed the problem' to be one with the VST3 in the sampler and you yourself confirmed the problem to also be present in a new version of the software, then one can only start to grasp at straws. Some times apps crash not because they can not handle VST3 but because they can not handle VST3 mixed with VST2 , so you could look at that ! Other times then one will see an app crash because of the selected sound driver, so even if your are sure that you uses what you think is best , then it wanting to try to look for 'any other possible cause' then you would also experiment try using another sound driver , including another ASIO.. I can not say if it has any chance of working or not but since it is not feasible to follow tech supports advice then maybe try what you can try !?

    Another avenue would be try to tinker with whatever settings in the programs that one might suspect to be of influence...

    And in the end then programs crash for many reasons , even because of e.g. too little memory of another problem that is related to some undocumented spec or unknown requirement , but at this point the discussion is more or less wandering of the reservation since that is usually beyond ordinary trouble shooting...

  • Kymeia
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    I seem to remember seeing someone report a similar bug leading to crashes when using the built in sampler so I think NI are aware of this already and hopefully it will get fixed soon

  • PoorFellow
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    Another question jogged my mind to ask if there existed the possibility to do a work around (I don't know the Studio One program and have simply no idea if it will work in the sampler) (also I have no idea s to what latency issues there could possibly be) ,

    but do you think that one could use another plug-in host as go-between when used in the sampler ?

    I was thinking that if Studio One likes the Voltage Modular plug-in (comes free with free Voltage Modular install) then one could also check if the *paid* plug-in host module for Voltage Modular could host the KK plug-in in the sampler.

    I have checked on my own PC using my maybe not so good DAW (+ just also checked using Ableton Live) and in that I can open the Voltage Modular as VST3 and then use the Plug-in host module in Voltage Modular to open the KK VST3 plugin with no problem , but again, I have not opened any multi and I have not checked with the Studio One.

    You could probably check it all for free as the basic Voltage Modular bundle is free and I think that as a registered customer you can possibly have a free trial of the plug-in host module , that's usually how it works for VM modules , but I can not promise anything you would simply have to try !

    In practical you would download and install the free Voltage Modular Nucleus bundle and then in the stand-alone version app interface then in shop you would look for the 'plug-in host' module and then take a trial if offered when you look at info, (else you could maybe try asking support at Cherry Audio if there is a trial for the plug-in host module) . The routing of the Plug-in host module inside Voltage modular is extremely simple in most basic setup which only involves dragging a cable from midi in VM to Midi in plug-in host module and then left and right out to left and right in (from module to VM)... It's very little work to test if you are lucky that you can get the module for a trial period and it is possible that it could work ?!

    Ref. : The only VM bundle that comes with the plug-in host module is the Voltage Modular Core (+ Electro Drums) , so not in the free bundle but it has been on sale regularly :


    I always use VM and it's plug-in host module for easy testing of any plug-in and I have been very happy doing so ! It is extremely easy to use and layout can be saved making it a breeze to work with !

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    Yes, it's a bug and has been filed as such: Crash when opening projects with Komplete Kontrol in Sampler mode

  • Fernando Jesús
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    Will you let us know when the patch is available? Is it an update to the Komplete Kontrol?

  • Vocalpoint
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    While your devs have that code open fixing that bug - please ask them why any NI Expansion one-shot always opens in the internal "Audio" plugin INSTEAD of the correct "Sampler" plugin (which is where they should load by default)

    This makes me crazy 99.99% of the time when I have to switch them out all the time.

    For the record:

    Any Expansion Loop = Internal->Audio VST

    Any Expansion One-Shot = Internal->Sampler VST.



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