Kontakt 6.7 catalina wont open at all

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i know this has been an issue with many users and I've tried to lookup in the db files and it's not even in there. I've done a clean install 3 times already and nothing. cant NI just send us something without us having to do all this looking around for this and that file. it's really annoying and this quit on me in the middle of a project so now I have to redo a lot of things thanks to NI. Not happy it all, neither are my clients.



  • Simchris
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    Not having this issue here. Good time for you to learn how to do backups prior to running updates to make roll back simple, and possibly periodic drive clones to maintain working systems so clients are not upset with you. Never update anything in middle of project.

    be sure to delete database as noted in other threads. Make hidden files visible on your mac if needed. Consider going into the user and library files and folders, not just applications, to delete all instances of kontakt if nothing else works.

    contact support with account info to request prior version as last resort.

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    Also, it would be prudent not to update in the middle of improtant projects, etc.

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    Hi @gabegarza1021 did you manage to open Kontakt in the end? If the issue is not yet resolved, perhaps worth trying giving a full disk access and deleting the Audio Unit cache, as well as deleting the PLIST file.

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