Gui problems with Guitar rig 6

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hey there,

since the last update I have interface problems with guitar rig 6. When I open it up, it apears super large, even if it is only on 75% scale. I restarted the FL Studio, opened and closed it a few times.. sometimes it helps, sometimes not. Anyone else seen this phenomenon?

I screen-shotted 2 open instances. One is alright, the other way to big. Check the size-scale. The one with 75% is shown way larger than the other one with 100%.



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    Could be something buried in either Windows , FL Studio or Guitar Rig 6 .

    Prior to tinkering always backup your stuff , preferably your whole system drive !

    You could try closing everything and then open FL Studio , then (depending on version ?) go to help , then diagnostics , there you should be able to reset stuff then , eventually reboot PC and try again...

    If something buried in Guitar Rig 6 you could try to rename the folder : C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Guitar Rig 6 (Please notice though that that folder also contains the Guitar Rig 6 Database) and then reboot to see if that makes any difference...

    With respect to any graphical problems always make sure that your system , including GPU , meets minimum specifications and that your video card drivers are updated !

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    @Eddie_NI Is this a known issue?

  • Eddie_NI
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    No, we have not encountered this problem during testing. We'll try to reproduce this here on our end.

  • Nikolay Bakalov
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    Hey guys

    I could use a little help here

    I just recently updated native access to the latest version (which required me to have an OS version newer than Mojave). So I updated to OS Monterey and it's been a crazy week of installing my whole studio.

    One huge problem that I have here is that whenever I load Guitar Rig 6 Pro (the latest version)

    on an insert on an instrument track in Pro Tools Ultimate 2023.06 every time I click open the plugin to tweak stuff in it I get these crazy sound interruptions as if my buffer size is too low.

    What I remember from last week (before I had to reinstall the whole studio) is that I was able to run many many tracks with virtual instruments at 32 samples buffer size and still be fine with no glitches and sound interruptions.

    Guitar Rig 6 Pro works great in PT with no problems whatsoever until I click open the plugin's interface. That's when I get crazy cpu usage and it becomes unworkable.  

    Today I don't even get sound coming out of Guitar Rig 6 Pro when I click open the inserted plugin.

    The meters of GR6 are jumping but no sound comes out. The second I close the plugin everything works fine.

    -Increased the cache size to 8GB but still the problem persists.

    -Reinstalled Guitar Rig 6 Pro yesterday and still the problem persists.

    -I open the inserted plugin and when I strum my guitar no sound comes out. 4-5 seconds after I've strummed some interrupted sounds come out for a couple seconds.

    -t is only after I switch to 512 samples buffer size that the problem goes away.

    This never used to be the case before.

    -I tried it in a completely new empty PT session with only one audio track with GR6 on it. Same deal. no sound when the plugin is clicked open.

    - I just tried switching to 64 samples buffer size and all of a sudden it works.

    - Tried resizing the GUI to 75%. - still no luck.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I have a mac mini 2018 3,2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7.  32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4. OS Monterey 12.6.7

    My audio interface is RME FireWire 800

    Pro Tools Ultimate 2023.06

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    @Nikolay Bakalov So in the end, setting the sample buffer to a higher setting fixes the issue?

    If you close the GUI of Guitar Rig, does the performance increase?

    Out of curiosity, does ProTools have full disk access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

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